About Us
Patient Pursuit provides call tracking and marketing analytics that increase patient satisfaction, appointment conversion, and process management.
Our Mission
To provide the most actionable data for health systems to book more patients and optimize the patient experience on the phone.
At Patient Pursuit, we all wake up in the morning with the goal of solving one of the biggest problems in health care: poor phone handling. Health systems are blind to what's happening on every patient phone call.
Owners lack insight into why some locations generate less revenue than others and why patient satisfaction scores aren't improving.
Doctors are frustrated that they have a high call volume, but not necessarily an increase in the amount of appointments booked.
Managers know the phone is constantly ringing, with many calls going unanswered, but they're unsure where to turn for a solution.
Office staff stumble to consistently hold staff accountable for booking appointments and executing key phone skills.
What gets measured gets managed. Our mission at Patient Pursuit is to give not only a high level - but also a detailed, granular view - of health systems' phone practices in order to inspire improvement and impart applicable, daily change.
Here's how we do it:
We track, record, and analyze every single inbound and outbound call at your practice.
After completion of these calls, we send them to our expert human review team to determine if callers are connected to someone who can help them.
Our reviewers analyze each call based on connecting, requesting, and scheduling performance, pinpointing which patients require follow-up.
Patient Pursuit helps healthcare organizations cultivate the patient experience and book more appointments on the phone.
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At Patient Pursuit, we constantly break down barriers in the the technology space, in the medical industry, and in our careers. We promote a culture of curious innovators who urgently pursue growth, boldly take action, and selflessly serve others.