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About Patient Pursuit

Patient Pursuit is a done-for-you call tracking system for doctors looking to book more new patients and increasing advertising ROI on the phone.

There are two big challenges keeping doctors from booking more new patients.

  1. Marketing efforts don't generate enough of the right kind of opportunities.
  2. When potential new patients do call, they're not getting booked as often as they should.

We solve both of these problems.

Patient Pursuit takes the staff training and marketing burden off the doctor, so they can concentrate on servicing their clientele. Doctors across the country are seeing their new patient bookings soar (with no increase in marketing budget) because of Patient Pursuit. Here's how we do it:

We track and record every call that comes into a practice, and send them off to our expert review team. Our live human reviewers tag the most important aspects of these calls, and also identify urgent calls for further review and coaching.

Using all of the data, Patient Pursuit will:

  1. Turn your front office staff into "phone masters" through training, consistent feedback and coaching
  2. Address specific staff training needs by identifying individual strengths and weaknesses
  3. Identify the number of new patient opportunities your marketing dollars are bringing in by channel
  4. Instantly see the number of new patient appointments booked
  5. Help your staff salvage missed opportunities
  6. Provide insight into your marketing efforts to help guide your marketing strategy

The done-for-you call tracking system.

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