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How we help health systems and providers
Call Box is a premier telephony and technology firm. We work with health systems and providers to gain more insight into their phone calls.
They turn to us when:
Call volume is overwhelming their resources.
They don't know where their calls are coming from and where they should go.
Properly tracking key initiatives over the phone isn't possible.
Both internal and external patient experience issues continue to arise.
Call Box provides technology and services that drive insight, action, and optimization of your phone calls and how you handle them. We're different in that:
Thorough Call Monitoring
We reject the notion of small sample sizes. Call Box provides comprehensive insight.
Deeper Insight
We follow the call all the way through from dialing to hold times to transfers.
Comprehensive Solution
We provide visibility at a system level all the way down to individual agents.
Pain-free Implementation
We co-exist with your existing phone systems and require minimal IT investment.
See the Product in Action
"Before Call Box, there wasn't a structure in place for routine call auditing to see if specific behaviors or actions were occurring on the phone."
Joe Paschka, Call Center OperationsUniversity of Minnesota Physicians