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How we help hospitals
Patient Pursuit is a cloud-based telephony solution that sits on top of your existing phone system. Hospitals use Patient Pursuit to capture more appointments and increase patient satisfaction over the phone. We work with hospital stakeholders who are sick of not knowing what is happening on their patients' calls and would like to have better insight to drive strategic decisions and improvement.
Hospitals turn to Patient Pursuit when:
They want to improve patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS), but are struggling to increase them.
They are embarrassed that some staff members are mishandling calls, but can’t see who, when, or why.
They know their staff needs to improve on the phone, but they lack insight into how each clinic and agent is performing.
They don't know which agents need additional improvement on the phone.
They are frustrated that they’re getting lots of phone calls, but don’t necessarily have an increasing amount of patients.
Patient Pursuit helps hospitals book more appointments. We tell you how every call was handled, alert you when a call needs attention, and work to improve your patient experience. Our human reviewers listen to every inbound and outbound call to provide insight into what's happening on the phone.
Thorough Call Monitoring
Listen to and review 100% of inbound and outbound calls, not just a sampling.
Deeper Insight
Offer insight into all scheduling opportunities that occur on the phone, not just those entered in your EMR scheduling system.
Quick Reviews
Provide reviews within hours of call completion, allowing you to promptly follow up with missed appointment opportunities and calls that were mishandled.
Improved Patient Experience
Proactively recognize problem areas on the phone and drive the specific improvements that you seek to enhance the patient experience on every call.
Efficient User Training
Provide in-depth training and dedicated ongoing consulting while tapping into our 30 years of telephony experience to clearly interpret your data and improve your phone culture.
See the Product in Action
"Before Patient Pursuit, there wasn’t a structure in place for routine call auditing to see if specific behaviors or actions were occurring on the phone."
Joe Paschka, Call Center OperationsUniversity of Minnesota Physicians