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Patient Pursuit


For most healthcare systems, the phone is a mystery. Despite having traditional phone system data and quality assurance teams, there remains a lack of visibility into this part of the patient experience.

Hospital and practice administrators use Patient Pursuit to capture more appointments and increase patient satisfaction over the phone. Allow for more efficient management with customizable solutions to meet your team's needs.

As a cloud-based telephony solution that sits on top of your existing phone system, Patient Pursuit helps you gain clarity and work smarter by helping to:

Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

Gain insight into what is happening on phone calls and have better visibility to drive strategic decisions and improvement.

Pinpoint process inefficiencies to help improve Press Ganey and HCAHPS scores.

Understand Individual Location Performance

Quickly identify which locations are struggling to maintain quality expectations for their phone processes so you can get them operating at maximum efficiency

Improve Team and Staff Performance

Get better on the calls you're already receiving by improving staff members' performance.

Take the burden of staff training off of managers and put it into the hands of trained experts.

Increase Appointment Conversion

Discover areas of the phone process where your offices are underperforming and identify where you are losing patient opportunities.

Identify how many opportunities didn't convert into booked appointments or weren't entered into your scheduling system.

Follow-up on Missed Opportunities

Receive a second chance to secure visits by sending notifications every time a patient needs a follow-up call so you can rescue opportunities that would have otherwise been lost.

Patient Pursuit Helps You Own the Phone with:

Missed Opportunity Alerts

In-Depth Marketing Analytics



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