Transform Your Phone Culture
Patient Pursuit is the leading phone management and training tool that successful medical organizations use to increase patient satisfaction, schedule new patients, and optimize marketing results and efforts.
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improving patient satisfaction starts with the phone
We've figured out the formula for making your team excel on every single phone call. The formula isn't secret; what gets measured gets managed. Patient Pursuit uses call tracking technology fueled by more than 80,000 human reviewers to give you insight into every conversation. This helps you focus on putting your patients first and enhances your bottom line.
Patient Pursuit is specially designed to help you:
Connect More Callers
Ensure that every patient connects to your healthcare practice and speaks with someone who can help.
Request & Invite Every Patient In For An Appointment
Hold your team accountable for requesting an appointment on every call, and properly establishing expectations for a visit.
Schedule Every Patient
Increase scheduling efficiency by knowing every time an appointment opportunity is fumbled or turned down and why, so you can create coachable moments.
Pursue Missed Opportunities
Bridge the gap of missed patients by effectively following up with callers who never connected or were not properly helped.
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3 phases to patient pursuit
Continuous Feedback
Trend-based strengths and weaknesses tracked consistently. Culture of accountability takes hold.
Every phone call into and out of a practice is tracked and analyzed by human reviewers for overall performance.
Data-driven opportunities identified for new processes and tangible improvements to the patient experience.