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Phone Skills Training

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Poor phone skills are the #1 cause of lost revenue and decreased patient satisfaction. But let's face it, most managers don't have the time or tools to properly train their employees.

Fixing poor phone habits requires repetition, consistent feedback and a lot of time. Our Phone Skills Training tools save you time and turn your team into phone experts.

Phone Skills Training helps you to:

Improve the Patient Experience

Our team of trained human reviewers scores each staff member so that your team builds the habitual phone skills your locations need to increase patient satisfaction.

Book More Appointments

Convert more patient opportunities with training that turns your team into phone ninjas.

Every single appointment opportunity call will be graded.

Track Individual Agent Performance

Track each staff member's phone performance and identify areas of needed improvement.

Receive Continuous Training

Consistent feedback is necessary to maintain good phone habits, so we'll send staff members scorecards and call them to review their progress.