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How we help practices
Patient Pursuit is the phone call management solution that leading practices use to capture more patient opportunities on the phone. We work with corporate VPs and marketing directors that are tired of squandering quality leads on poor phone processes.
Thorough Call Monitoring
Listen to and review 100% of inbound and outbound calls, not just a sampling.
Intuitive Interface
Support an intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface that requires no installation or hardware.
Quick Reviews
Provide reviews within hours of call completion, allowing you to promptly follow up with missed appointment opportunities and calls that were mishandled.
Improved Patient Experience
Proactively recognize problem areas on the phone and drive the specific improvements that you seek to enhance the patient experience on every call.
Deeper Insight
Determine which marketing efforts are driving true appointment opportunities and ROI. Integrate with your Google Adwords or Analytics accounts to give you a deeper level of insight.
Efficient User Training
Provide in-depth training and consulting while tapping into our 30 years of telephony experience to clearly interpret your data and improve your phone culture.
See the Product in Action
"I can't think of anything better that we've brought into the practice in the last 10 years that's helped us significantly improve. I go through every phone call every week and critique them, and [my staff and I] sit down and listen to phone calls and do one-on-ones. Every month we have a small front team meeting and we listen to those phone calls, we listen to the great ones and we listen to the not-so-good ones."
Lisa Barerra, Office Manager21st Century Dental