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Patient Pursuit


For most physical therapy offices, the phone is a mystery. Despite having traditional phone system data and quality assurance teams, there remains a lack of visibility into this part of the patient experience.

Operations and Marketing Departments use Patient Pursuit to gain full insight into what is happening on the phone and have better oversight to drive strategic decisions and improvement.

Patient Pursuit tells you how every call was handled, alerts you when a particular call needs attention, and actively works to help improve your patient experience.

Patient Pursuit will help you to:

Book More Appointments

Pinpoint areas of the phone process where your offices are underperforming and identify where you are losing patient opportunities.

Improve Staff Performance

Improve the calls you receive by holding staff members accountable for their execution on the phone with patients.

Remove staff training as a burden, and allow our trained experts to coach your team on the best practices for success on the phone.

Follow up with Every Opportunity

Receive an alert every time a patient needs a follow-up call so you can rescue opportunities that would have otherwise been lost.

Generate Better Leads

Gain insight into how many appointment opportunities, not just calls, your marketing sources are driving to your offices.

Optimize cost-per-patient based on the phone calls your advertisements generate.

Patient Pursuit Helps You Own the Phone with:

Missed Opportunity Alerts

In-Depth Marketing Analytics



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